Saturday, October 20, 2012

At last...

Assalamulaikum wbt...

Yeahhhh,.. at last.. all the praise belong to ALLAH SWT. At last my supervisor agreed with my method of my future research that I will do when I start my truly master. 

After about 4 to 5 times I had discuss with her. Lastly, she accept my proposed method.

 It was a big challenge once you have to find the novelty of your research. Novelty in easy understanding means something new and innovation, which is no one have made it before. Or if it something that someone already have create and spark it , then I have to create an brilliant idea to do modification on it by improve the process, change or find new raw materials or substrate which need to achieve some criterion of the research.

The consequence of my proposed idea and method.

First idea : REJECTED
Second idea : Conditional PASS ( in confusing, a bit blurr )
Third idea : Conditional PASS ( give details, slightly ok, improve a bit )
Fourth idea : proposed 3 more ideas, all are accepted
Fifth meeting :  Choose the best one, accepted n can go for the next.

Whats a tough and difficult task as a researcher.

BTW, please pray for my success and the smooth of my research. You would not achieve you big dream notably the ambition that have be built since you know the meaning of life by just looking around and no hard work to that dream. 

Nevertheless,..  in any field I have get involved, in any matter i have jump in,.. the point is I just have to be FOCUS.. 


WALLAHUA'LAM, stay tune for the next entry.. hehe