Sunday, September 23, 2012

idea still clog somewhere

Assalamulaikum wbt,..

It has been approximately 4 days I think about the method for my research since my first proposed idea has been rejected by my supervisor. The feeling is quiet frust but it still under control and still not enter into the level of down, stress or dissapointed..

For me, I take it as challenge. It just a first trial... hehe,.. 

  Unfortunately, till this hour, this minutes and this second moment,.. the next idea is still didn't come out from my brain. This is the challenge for all the researchers who are dare and decide to be in this platform. 

The decision is from me myself,.. therefore, I have to face it weather it difficult or tough. Weather it easy or not... weather it stressful or in calmness mood... Its all depend on me myself to settled, tackled, and face all the obstacles. 

Hence, plez pray for my success in future.

Hope the brilliant idea will come out before this wednesday since my SV wanna see me on that day. huahuahauahhuahauahau,....

come on syieda,..
be active,.. positive.. & proactive..


Don't be afraid,.. i still under controll... huhehe

sleeping on the study table,.. yess,.. it's me... it so sleepy when the idea still clog somewhere... aduh

think think and think again and again.. 

Nevertheless,.. dun be too stress. It juz still a small matter.


Dear ALLAH SWT,.. please smooth all my task in everyday undertakings. I really really need you even in difficulty, hardship or in my relax day, my convenient day. 

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